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Collin County Ballet Theatre Opens the 2018-2019 Ballet Season with an evening of ballets that are NewOriginalFresh Classical! Featuring Original Works by CCBT Resident Choreographers Jaclyn Brewer-Poole, Sarah Matzke and Micki Saba. Joining Collin County Ballet Theatre for the performance are Ft. Worths Texas Ballet Theatre School Professional Division and Dallas Black Dance Theatre's  Encore" ensembles.

 September 29, 2018 / 7:30pm
Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts

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Big Rid 's 7th annual Dance Co-op, August 2-4, 2018 at the University of Texas at Arlington! This summer intensive is open to advanced and professional dancers who want to expand their craft through collaboration and exchange. Co-directors of BRDC and internationally recognized guest artists teach a diverse range of classes in contemporary dance technique, improvisation, composition, and bodywork. Dance Co-op also features a dance and music jam as well as a performance by BRDC and guest artists.

The 2018 Guest Teaching Artists include: Elisa De La Rosa, Jennifer Mabus, and Sarah Matzke. Multiple classes per day, improv jam, public performance, and opportunities to connect with your regional dance scene.

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“The body-in-space is the basic sculptural element of choreography. Bodies enter and move through, in, and with a space turning the void into a place”

- Preston-Dunlop, Looking at Dances 1998: 121

We are flesh, we are bone, we are muscle and joint. Our skeletons are axes harnessed for movement. Regardless of the language we speak from our mouths, a language is embedded in our flesh. This is the same with space. Space communicates with the body in an affect of exchange; an unspoken duet that materializes knowledge through experience. 

My research examines a process of embodied cognition as it engages with an environment, traversing the succession from space to place to home. Kinesethics comprehension of the body is followed as it forms an epistemology of space. Asked is how a phenomenological movement practice assists sensorimotor processing and consciousness? How is memory formed, layered, and recalled as a process in the body that yields choreographic knowledge for performative analyses? How is knowledge transferred between the choreographer and participants using experiential learning theories? And how does the research transcend when a triadic perspective of choreographer, performer and audience spectator is presented? Using the home, one of mankind’s most intimate containers of our time on earth, I enter this candid space for choreographic research to better understand how the lived experience of embodied knowledge forms our epistemological structure, our cognitive homes.

It is my hope that Thresholds gives you space to reflect and dream upon your own dwelling - the space where all of your comings and goings are recorded in the metronome of time.


Marisa Ellis  everything always in its place, following routines. The house is my quiet place, where I can think and rest. The laughter of my sisters and patter of my dogs paws remind me that I’m home. 

Emily Gnatt  Cold feet, warm slippers, warm dog. House time is for maximizing cuddle time. Cozy and isolated. Art from friends old and new and collections of favorite things.

Sarah Matzke Feet always moving in the same floor pattern, in one door and out the other. The smell of cedar chests and wet soil remain in the air. The house is my shelter, my escape for daydreaming.

Erin McElhone  Shoes off. Sock on. Music from the kitchen mixing with the sounds of brothers playing make-believe in the room over. Finding a pattern in an ever-changing mix of siblings, relatives, and animals.

Whitney Plonka  Always welcomed home by our pup whose whole body wiggles in excitement. Community or “living” spaces in a home are where I spend my time. Never sitting still and going back and forth between rooms.

TD Simons  The floor creaks as you step from the carpet on to the hardwood floor; you can’t sneak up on anyone. The two dogs will greet you wildly, but they wouldn’t hurt a fly. You will feel comfortable, warm and secure in my space.

Alexandra Taylor Texture and light. Touching heavy velvet and smooth concrete. Seeing leaf-dappled windows and flickering fan blades. I am settled in the enduring and scattered in the ephemeral, with each equally at home.

Libby West  Intersecting patterns, taking and sharing space. The house is my refuge from the world outside, where I can internalize, re- charge, and prepare for what lies ahead. Uneven footsteps, creaky floorboards, and piano notes punctuate the air.


Technical Director: Mason Bunkleman

Assistant Technical Director: Kenzie Flynn

Original Lighting Designer: Christopher Trevino

June Lighting Designer: Mason Bunkleman


Arts Mission Oak Cliff

Amy Morrow and the Theorists

The University of Texas at Dallas

Contemporary Ballet Dallas

AD School of Dance