Jacksonville University, 2017

The University of Texas at Dallas, 2018

Arts Mission Oak Cliff, 2019

Choreographed by Sarah Matzke

What if the walls, the floors, the thresholds of our spaces were the mouthpieces of our time on earth? What would they say?

The research examines a process of embodied cognition as it engages with an environment, traversing the succession from space to place to home. Kinesethics comprehension of the body is followed as it forms an epistemology of space. Asked is how a phenomenological movement practice assists sensorimotor processing and consciousness? How is memory formed, layered, and recalled as a process in the body that yields choreographic knowledge for performative analyses? How is knowledge transferred between the choreographer and participants using experiential learning theories? And how does the research transcend when a triadic perspective of choreographer, performer and audience spectator is presented? Using the home, one of mankind’s most intimate containers of our time on earth, I enter this candid space for choreographic research to better understand how the lived experience of embodied knowledge forms our epistemological structure, our cognitive homes.

Special Thanks to: Arts Mission Oak Cliff, Amy Morrow and the Theorists, The University of Texas at Dallas, The School of Contemporary Ballet Dallas, and AD School of Dance.